Gluten Free !

Gluten Free diet – myth or reality ?

What is Gluten?
It’s a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

Gluten free diet is an absolute necessity for people with celiac disease or gluten ataxia,which are rare conditions and quite non existent in India.

People with celiac disease can’t have gluten as it triggers an immune response that damages lining of GI TRACT..WHICH FURTHER cause inflammation in small intestine.

It’s seen some people with celiac disease have no symptoms at all but still test positive on the celiac disease blood test.

Common symptoms-
Unexplained anemia
Bone pain
Migraine/ seizures
Itchy skin rashes
Missed menstrual periods
It makes no sense to leave gluten when you don’t have that intolerance

So it has no advantage in weight loss (which is hype or myth prevailing)

We all know for fat loss — CALORIE DEFICIT MATTERS

There is no published studies on the benefit of gluten free diet on weight.

Studies also indicate there are major drawbacks to following gluten free diet ,often lower in iron,zinc,potassium and fiber.

It may include risk for nutritional deficiencies, esp B vitamins.

Write up by a Fellow fitness enthusiast – Swati Dua

Fun Fact : Only less than 2% world population is gluten intolerant, rest are just hypochondriacs 😅

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