Basanti, iss Holi Gujiya zaroor khana

What are Indian festivals without some loud fun and food, specially the regional favourites associated with faith and traditions.

So, every eligible Veeru is all set to indulge in the jugiyas, bhajiyas, poori and kachori apart from playing holi with his Basanti. I won’t comment on the colour part, what i would definitely give my suggestions on is the food indulgence part.

So how do you enjoy Holi and not go on a frenzy about putting on weight  aka guilt tripping.
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Let’s figure this out

1. Fat loss or gain is a process of having less or excess calories, I have another write up where i have discussed it in detail, in a nutshell an excess or deficit  of aprox 3500 cal will make you gain or shed 1 pound of fat, (this could also include a teeny weeny bit of muscle mass in some cases)

Now, no one can possibly have in excess of that many calories in a day.  Even if you have been a Hogzilla and managed that much excess ( taking into account the drinks included) do not fret. You can slightly reduce the calories in the week ahead and still be on track. No one falls off the wagon, in fact, there is no wagon.


2. The dance and the merry around holi also makes you burn a little bit more calories than usual.

Sholay Holi

3. Stay hydrated, include fruit based drinks. Make sure you are having enough fiber in your diet.

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4. Festivals help us relieve the stress of day to day humdrum life, so soak in the fun and frolic, keep the day out of your calorie counting, if you have been diligent with your diet, chances are that you won’t go all out and stuff yourself on this day. Your body won’t enjoy the slaughter of too much food.


5. Post holi be mindful of not carrying on the indulgence for long, that will make you lose the grip and make you go spiralling down a lane of unmindful eating.


6. If you are visiting friends, have a tiny meal  before leaving, this will help avoid going overboard with eating, we do tend to eat more while we have good company.


7. Portion control also would help keep the total calories in place.

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Take home message: One meal or a couple of days of indulgence will NOT ruin your diet, so go hug all your loved one’s and say HOLI HAI !

Write up by Nitu Bajwa
Nutrition and Fitness Coach
NESTA certified