How to achieve your target

When it comes to weight loss, I have seen a lot many approaches in my conversations with clients before they start with their regime.

Now let me list here the one’s which would help :


1. Of course, it’s not going to be a big merry party being on a diet, who ever tells you that dieting is all fun is not telling you all. It’s going to take efforts to measure and prep and cook the meals. If you think eyeballing the portions would get you the results, you need to reconsider your understanding of how diets works again.


2. If you party 3 days a week where you throw the calorie deficit/ surplus out of the window and let your hair down like a true blue party queen, you need to take a sabbatical from this luxury to a great extent while you work towards your target. Fitness is like marriage, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

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3. If you are starting your fitness journey with a negative mind, I can guarantee you it would be a BIG DISASTER. Your real transformation starts with your mind.

4. Fitness requires a lot of discipline and dedication a half assed effort would only get you half the progress. Negotiation before you begin with -” I can do this ” ” I won’t do that” ” this is beyond me “, well, you can put your money and time to better use in this case.


5. Most important, you got to make time for health, half the people I speak to start their conversations with ” oh! but I work and I don’t have time to cook/exercise ” . Your body is your biggest asset, then comes your bank balance. Repeat this in your head ( you can say it aloud too if that works) till you understand the priority.

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6. Fitness and Health never comes cheap, it also requires long term commitment, if you enjoy quickies and one night stands, this marriage is not for you, steer clear and stop making efforts. Invest in yourself and make it a long term association.

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7. Never believe someone who gives you a sure short way to health without asking for effort, sweat and blood. It is not a cake walk, it requires focus, dedication and devotion. Sacrificing a good lot till you reach your target. Once you achieve your desired goal, the road ahead gets even tougher as maintaining it asks for much higher things.

Write up by Nitu Bajwa
Nutrition and Fitness Coach
NESTA certified