Shahi Rasgulla the diet way


Bored of Paneer in the diet ? Think again 

Shahi Rasgulla for the sweet tooth , all within the macros and calories , infact the best and the most healthy dessert one can manage .


1 litre whole milk
½ cup curd / whisked yogurt (or 2 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar too, but with yogurt they smell and taste perfect)
1 litre  ice cold water or 1 cup of ice cubes
Stevia as per taste
2¼ cups water
¼ tsp. cardamom powder
½ tsp. rose water (optional)
Few saffron stands (optional) for garnishing

How to make the recipe
Making chenna:
Bring the milk to a boil, pour the yogurt or diluted lemon juice and mix. If using lemon juice dilute 2 tbsp juice with 2 tbsp water. Use only as needed.
Let the milk curdle. Switch off the stove and leave it for 2 mins. If the milk doesn’t curdle in 2 to 3 mins, add some more yogurt while the milk is still boiling.
Add ice cubes or chilled water to the curdled milk. Leave it aside for 2 to 3 minutes
Filter and collect the cheese in a cheese cloth or muslin cloth.
Rinse the cheese under running water if you have used lemon juice or vinegar to curdle.
Tie up the cloth and hang it for 45 mins and drain excess water. Chenna should not have any whey in it.

Making rasgulla balls: 
Add stevia and water to a wide pan or pot, bring it to a boil.
Knead the cheese well to make it a smooth dough. Take small portions of this and roll to tiny balls. They should be tiny and not big
To the boiling syrup, add cardamom powder and rose water.
Let the syrup boil, add the balls one after the other gently.
Cover the pot with a lid and cook for 10 mins on a medium high flame. Gently stir every 3 minutes to ensure even cooking and puffing. They double in size when done.

Allow rasgulla to rest and cool completely.

Proper kneading. Kneading to a smooth dough is very important to get good rosgulla
Boiling the balls for the right amount of time and at the right heat is also needed. Overcooking or cooking them at very high heat could result in rubbery balls or break the balls.
Do not stuff too many balls in a small pan. They must have enough space to float around and puff up in the pan
I have not included corn flour or semolina in this rasgulla recipe.Some people use them to prevent them from breaking. If you are new to preparing theses and if you are worried, you can use 1 tsp semolina or ½ tbsp. corn flour while kneading the paneer.


Calories: 320 per serving

Fat: 25g Protein: 18g Carbs : 3 gm