Chocolate Mousse


Celebration while on a diet ?
Craving for that dessert at the pastry shop . Fret no more . Try out this easy chocolate mousse recipe .

Category : Dessert (veg)

Ingredient :

Unsalted butter 50gm
Cream cheese 50 gm
Stevia according to taste
Heavy whipping cream 75 ml( I used Amul red 30% fat )
Coco powder 2 tbsp

Method :

Whip the cream till thick , a ice bath would help .

Cream butter and sweetener until completely blended .

Add cream cheese , blend until smooth

Add cocoa powder and further blend .
Add the whipped cream gradually and mix well .

Spoon into small glasses and refrigerate for 30 mins .

Nutrition per serving : 24g fat ( 94% calories from fat ), 4g Protein , 3g carbs 
1.5g dietary fiber .

Total Calories 227